Political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi now says that President William Ruto needs to listen to the cries of Kenyans.

He said the people are becoming hostile to his administration and he needs to take time to hear what the people are saying.

Ngunyi said even as the head of state continues to give development to the people, no one is listening to him and he needs to change tact.

He said President Ruto is now popular abroad, but things don’t look good for him in the country.

“Dear Ruto: Take time to listen to Kenyans. The ground is hostile. And dishing out development at Uhuru Park will not help you. You are talking to yourself. Period. You are popular abroad with Muzungus. But at home, we are hostile. Take time to listen. Truth report,” Ngunyi said.

His remarks came shortly after Ruto returned from a 10-day trip to the United States, where he attended the United Nations General Assembly.

During the trip, the President also met various heads of state and business leaders who vouched for bilateral and business ties.

Ngunyi who formerly worked as retired President Uhuru Kenyatta’s technical advisor was a fierce critic of President Ruto and even campaigned for his opponent in the August 2022 presidential election.

However, in August, he changed tune, announcing that he would henceforth support President William Ruto.

Despite the change of heart, every often Ngunyi still never shies away from telling the President the truth.

The political pundit said he had previously misjudged Ruto through a ‘dynasty lens’.

“Public notice: I have defected to William Ruto. I misjudged him using the dynasty lens. But if the facts change, you must change your mind,” Ngunyi said in a social media post.

“And only a fool does not change his mind. I started Project #HustlerNation. Now I must complete it. Iko swali?”

He later explained that he got saved after President William Ruto visited his Mukurwei-ini village.

Ngunyi said if all the people of Mt Kenya were with the President, then he had done no wrong returning home.

“I got saved when Ruto visited my village in Mukurweini. If all Kikuyus are with him, and I am married to a Kalenjin, what is wrong with returning home? ” Ngunyi said.